About Us

Portland Kids Gym is a provider of after school sports, gymnastics, and movement programs for child care centers, elementary schools, and community centers.

Portland Kids Gym opened in August of 2018 after Coach Alex noticed a lack of programs in the area that offer children 1-5 years-old a diverse offering of sports and movement activities.  Portland Kids Gym now offers a variety of programs for children ages 1 years-old through 11 years-old.

Portland Kids Gym differs from other  programs because we expose students to a larger variety of sports activities and bring more exciting and engaging equipment with us to fulfill our in-depth curriculum.

Our Philosophy

Portland Kids Gym strives to provide a safe and enriching environment for students to develop  social skills, build confidence, learn the principles of teamwork, and learn the basics and fundamentals of sports and fitness. All of our sports, tumbling, and GaGa classes are designed to help children build self-esteem and promote healthy, happy, active lifestyles to provide them with skills to prepare for their futures.

Our Values

Promote active and healthy lifestyles

Instill a love for sports and physical activity

Provide positive reinforcement for all achievements big and small

Build confidence and self-esteem

Encourage teamwork and sportsmanship

About Coach Alex

Founder & Head Coach

Originally from Boca Raton, FL, Coach Alex graduated with a degree in business from Arizona State University in 2011. After working in sales and marketing for a few years in New York City, Coach Alex changed career paths and took his first job in child care as the basketball instructor at B’nai B’rith Perlman Camp. After returning to New York  Coach Alex worked for children’s enrichment centers, teaching sports classes to children as young as 1-years-old. Soon after Coach Alex became a preschool teacher, sports, and gymnastics coach for another enrichment center.

Learning from amazing coaches and teachers along the way, Coach Alex set on a new journey moving to Portland, OR in 2018. During this time he began developing Portland Kids Gym after seeing the lack of sports and movement classes available for children aged 1 through 5-years-old in the area. Now he uses Portland Kids Gym as a platform to be a role model for his students by bringing his passion and enthusiasm for sports and teaching into every class!

“Thank you for creating such a great sports class, my child had a blast!”

- Parent, The Carl Preschool

Portland Kids Gym